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Driving School Nepal is an online driving schools directory, intendent to provide you nearest and right driving school information, if you are looking to learn driving. Just choose your desired vehicle type and location,then get list of driving centres, compare their plan and pricing, sign upwith the best one.

Businesses are not just limited on word of mouth on todays date. Competition has been sky rocketing and internet has been playing exuberant role for any business to grow. We would like to invite all the driving schools in nepal to try our website and feel how our website makes differences in your business.

Initially we are only including all the driving schools, training centers, institutes located in kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur only and have plan to target all around Nepal very soon.

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Driving Licence Tips:

In order to successfully get driving license in Nepal, there are two test a person must pass. First one is theory or written test which everyone should passbefore practical driving test. First we need to get a form from Driving License Department which is suitated at Ekantakuna, Lalitpur or fill up the form online from their website. After submission of form and completion of few offical formalities, written test will be held. You must pass your written test to attain practical driving test, whether it is for bike, scooter and car driving license or any other driving license. After you successfully pass your written test, you will be notified for your drivign practical test. There are few steps that we need follow or pass driving practical test. Make sure you are perfect enough and confident on your drive before you fill up form for driving license. Here below are the driving test steps set by Nepal Government which we must pass. Please read below all the stpes in details which will help you get your driving license in your first attempt.

bike scooter trial test nepal

Bike and Scooter Trial Test:

Bikes and Scooter trial has similar kind of trial system expect few. Bike and Scooter has also starting eight shaped field trial...

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car eight trial test nepal

Car Eight Trial Test:

First step is to pass the eight shaped field whithout touching traffic cone poles. Need to drive slowly and enter inside eight shaped field from left hand side, drive slowly...

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training tips

Car Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker Test:

After you complete the eight trial, then you will have to drive from zebra crossing. When you reach near zebra crossing, there will be a traffic pole...

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training tips

Car Inclined Plane Test:

After Zebra Crossing, Street Breaker and Traffic Light Test, it comes inclined plane test. Slowly move forward on inclined plane, cross the line marked and land the car...

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car t parking nepal

Car T Parking Test:

Final test is T Parking Test, once you pass this test, all trial is over, you will be eligible to get driving license. This test is also as important as other test...

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drivign training nepal

Learning on Road or inside field?

It is quite interesting and everyone has their own point of view on learning driving on road directly or on trial field. Many of the driving schools directly teaches on the road...

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Traffic Police, Nepal

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has launched an app which helps you to know more about current status and updates about traffic police rulse and regulation. This app is also fruitful as it also provides current status of traffic jam in Nepal.

Nepal Trial Pass

Trial Pass or Nepal Trial Pass is an android application that helps you pass the written and trial exam of motorcycle and scooter license.

Do you require a driving test learning book?

Are you aware that theory or written test is also as important as practical test?